# Date Link
#1 4/1/2019 Robert Morris' Gangster God will Kneecap You for His Money (Anthony Wade)
#2 3/23/2019 In An Age That Needs Michaiah, The Church Prefers the Spirit of Ahab (Anthony Wade)
#3 3/12/2019 The Truth About Healing and By His Stripes (Anthony Wade) 1 1 Comment Count
#4 2/19/2019 Dr. Michael Brown Excusing False Prophets (Anthony Wade)
#5 2/13/2019 The Purpose Driven Lies Claim Another Preacher - The Bill Came Due Today for James McDonald (Anthony Wade)
#6 2/12/2019 Jentzen Franklin -- Calls for Fast to have God Exalt You and Get a Thousand Times More Stuff (Anthony Wade)
#7 2/11/2019 This Week in Leclaire Lunacy -- God Wants to Give You X-Ray Vision & Play Show and Tell (Anthony Wade)
#8 2/1/2019 Mark Driscoll to Host Biblical Church Governance Seminar -- Not Satire! (Anthony Wade)
#9 1/9/2019 Beth Moore's Anti-Bible Tweet-Storm (Anthony Wade)
#10 1/3/2019 The Real Prophetic Word for 2019 (Anthony Wade)
#11 12/26/2018 Disqualified Pastor John Gray -- "I Really Don't Care What You Think" (Anthony Wade)
#12 12/12/2018 Mark Driscoll -- Using Theophilus to Scam for Money (Anthony Wade)
#13 12/4/2018 Dr. Michael Brown -- Gatekeeper of Wolves (Anthony Wade)
#14 11/27/2018 Did God Give This False Prophet a True Vision of Hell? (Anthony Wade)
#15 11/15/2018 Mark Driscoll -- Who Better to Teach About Being a Fool (Anthony Wade)
#16 11/2/2018 Revenge of the Squid! Lunacy Hunting with Jennifer Leclaire (Anthony Wade)
#17 10/25/2018 Matt Chandler Joins the Pro-Halloween Chorus (Anthony Wade)
#18 8/28/2018 Shawn Bolz Butchers Zacchaeus and Assaults the Woman at the Well (Anthony Wade)
#19 8/27/2018 Jennifer Leclaire Warns About False Prophets; Seriously (Anthony Wade)
#20 8/21/2018 Invisible Snakes and Giving Birth in a Furnace - This Week In Leclaire Lunacy (Anthony Wade)
#21 8/10/2018 Quick Snack: When the Government of Rwanda has Better Discernment than the American Church (Anthony Wade)
#22 8/10/2018 The Actual Lessons for the Church from the Bill Hybels Scandal (Anthony Wade)
#23 8/6/2018 Bonehead Prophecy Roundup -- This Week in Making God Look Schizophrenic (Anthony Wade)
#24 7/30/2018 Judgment, The Fires in Bethel and a Correction on the Usage of "Dunamis" (Anthony Wade)
#25 7/25/2018 Sneaky Squid Scampi - Jennifer Leclaire Seeks a Company of Fools to Pay her $330 a Year (Anthony Wade)
#26 6/16/2018 On the Border of Silence and Complicity - Beltless, Truthless Christianity (Anthony Wade)
#27 5/7/2018 Cutting to the Heart of the Beth Moore Controversy (Anthony Wade)
#28 5/5/2018 The NAR, Dominionism, Politics and the Believer (Anthony Wade)
#29 4/6/2018 What If The Apostle Paul Called Into Dr. Michael Brown's Radio Show (Anthony Wade)
#30 4/2/2018 God Keys Kris Vallotton's Red Corvette -- See the Strong Delusion In Action (Anthony Wade)

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